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WordPress & Prestashop

• Showcase website

• E-commerce

• Blog

• Events


• Editorial strategy


• Proofreading


• Maintenance

• Updates

• Backups

• Hostings & mails

Visual identity

• Design

• UX

• Logo creation


• On-site SEO

• Local SEO


The big day is here. The one that will mark your birth or rebirth on the web. Whatever your project, it will inevitably have a good reason to have its dedicated page.
With love and passion, we want to evolve the web by creating original, adequate and optimized sites. Without forgetting to craft them with the latest high-performance tools and to dress them following the new trends of design.
Like you, we want a website as beautiful as functional, which is a chameleon to screens and navigation systems. In short, let him roar.
Because today it is no longer enough to have a simple page on the web, it has to be attractive and relevant.
We do not leave the mobile in a corner. With 52% of web traffic coming from mobile phones, it deserves a special treatment.


Understanding the rules of SEO and mastering them ensures a smashing entry into the search engines.
But why embark on this virtual race? The answer is simple. When searching the web, 95% of clicks stop on the first page of results. It goes without saying that participants are few on arrival. And winning one’s place means setting up a strategy. Building solid foundations to make your website as fast as it is efficient is more important than ever. As in all competitions, the rankings follow one another and are not alike, the same goes for the results of researches, according to the keywords. To successfully follow this movement, we fully accompany you in the evolution of your website content, while keeping your needs in mind. On the technical side, we install every elements necessary for your entry on the podium of the algorithms. By carefully following this mix, your site will be ready to shine.


We know that you already spend a lot of time and energy on a variety of tasks. That’s why we offer you to write juicy and high quality articles, which are sufficiently attractive to capture the curiosity of your readers as well as computer robots’ one.
To gain visibility, we must tame SEO and by that we mean to feed the ferocious beasts of search engine algorithms with intelligent and playful content.
Short stories, newsletters, long papers or just proofreading your texts, we intervene according to your needs and your editorial strategy. We will help you sprinkle your writings with keywords to make them tasty and connect easily with your readership, while attracting the curiosity and sympathy of search engines.
You can of course choose the quantity and the duration of our editorial services “à la carte”.


We chose to trust WordPress for a very simple reason. This ecosystem is today the cornerstone of the Web and represents more than 30% of websites on the web. Its success comes largely from the immense community that makes it evolve day by day. This tool also draws its strength from the multitude of sites that can be achieved with, from a showcase website to a simple blog, or to a more complex E-commerce site.

WordPress has become a must, recognized for its great qualities in terms of security and SEO. We have chosen to specialize on this platform because it offers an infinity of possibilities, while remaining simple to administer for any user. It is a tool that can adapt and evolve for all your needs.

Through high-quality themes, we offer you to create a unique experience that suits you the best and distinguish you from your competitors. Because for us, you are the priority, and we are here to make you stand out.


Do you dream of a safe place for your precious site? Look no further, we know where it is.

To put it simply, we have a preference for hosting in the clouds, but we can adapt to any solution. The availability of your site is guaranteed in our hands. E-mails, aliases and redirects have no secrets for us and we will do everything possible to ensure the good life of your site. During the development phase, we will offer you a test environment so that you can check the changes in peace, before your users come to visit.

Security is obviously important. We are committed to the standards of the Web and WordPress, and especially the advices of the sacrosanct Google. An HTTPS certificate will be directly implemented to ensure the encryption of any data which transits on your site. It represents a mark of confidence as much for your future visitors as for the robots of search engines, which will be more likely to put you forward.

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